100+ Printer Names in 2022 [All Brands, Types & Funny]

Printer names

Different printer companies sell thousands of printers every year, most of these printers are exactly the same. Now, what makes your printer stand out? The name that you call your printer makes it stand out. You use a printer almost every day for a lot of different tasks, whether you use these machines in your home, school, or office they are always by your side. Hence naming a printing is very important.

It helps keep things lively and interesting instead of calling it just a printer. We have selected some of the best names in our printer names list. You can also select any name from our list and this can be your own printer name generator. If you want to name your printer something interesting and funny you are in the right place because we have selected 35 of the best and funniest printer names. No matter what type of printer you have, we have a name for you.

Printer Brand names:

Here we talk about hp printer names and different network printer names. These are based on some printer brand names:

  • HP Printers (Hewlett Packard)
  • Canon Printers
  • Brother Printers
  • Lexmark Printers
  • Epson Printers
  • Kodak
  • Konica Minolta
  • Kyocera
  • Lexmark
  • Oki
  • Panasonic
  • Pantum
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Pyramid
  • Ricoh
  • Samsumg
  • Sharp
  • Tektronix
  • Toshiba
  • Xerox

57 varieties:

This is a perfect name for a hp printer because it refers to the HP sauce. It is a very funny Hp printer name.

Brother from another mother:

This printer name is perfect for your Brother’s industries printer.

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Funny printer names:

This is a collection of some funny and punny printer names.

  • Bob Marley / We be Jammin’
  • Lionel Riche – Stuck on You
  • The artist formerly known as Prits
  • MC Jammer
  • Grandmaster Crash
  • Sir Jams A lot
  • Purple Paper Eater
  • Major Lazer Printer
  • Richard, who is a member of the workgroup Marx, with brothers Harpo, Zeppo, and Groucho
  • Brother from another mother (as in the name of the printer manufacturer)
  • Ricoh Suave
  • 57 varieties, because it’s HP (as in the sauce made by Heinz)
  • HewlettPrinter
  • Headaches Persistent
  • Chewbacca (because it makes Wookie-like noises)
  • Jurassic Parts
  • Shredder from TMNT
  • Cheech & Chong (because it literally smokes)
  • HAL 2000
  • WOPR (as in War Operation Plan Response from the movie, “War Games”)
  • Lumbergh (We are going to need you to come in on Saturday to fix me)
  • PC_LOAD_LETTER (also from Office Space)
  • Prints Charming
  • ShamWoW (sucks up everything, never lets it out)
  • Paul Bunyan
  • I Eat Trees
  • Inkoholic
  • Data Shredder
  • Noisy Bastard
  • Splatter Monster
  • Dotty (it leaves dots on pages)
  • TheOneByMyDesk
  • Insert coin


This is common yet a very funny name. The name is perfect for a printer that you keep by your desk, it is perfect for workplaces and homes. If you keep your printer by your desk definitely try this printer name.


As we discussed printers keep you company everywhere you go. So keeping me company is a very cute and unique name that perfectly defines the printer that you use every day for different purposes.

I Eat Trees

This is a very funny name since printers use papers that are made using tress and hence “I eat trees” perfectly described every printer. This printer name is one of our favorite printer names differently consider naming your printer I Eat tress.

Global Warming Machine

As we talked about printers eat papers which are made up of trees, hence cutting trees causes global warming. Global warming machine is a very witty and funny printer name.


Printers need ink very often and hence inkoholic is a very interesting name as it suggests that printers are addicted to drinking ink. You should consider this printer name.

The Copying specialist

We don’t need to do any explaining for this printer name because every printer is a copying specialist, if you love your printer consider naming it the copying specialist.

Hold me

As we all know, printers are known to make hard copies of documents and other stuff hence hold me refers to an important document that you will hold, thanks to your printer.

Jurassic Parts

This name is perfect for an old printer that regularly needs fixing because Jurassic parts precisely prescribe its messed up parts.

Prints Charming

Like prince charming, your printer is resourceful and charming, hence prince charming is a very funny name perfect for offices and schools.

Paper Eater

Paper eater is another name that needs no explanation, we can say that every printer is a paper eater.

Feed Me A4

Every printer needs A4 to work with hence sometimes you just have to feed your printer some more A4.

Need more A4

This name is similar to feed me A4 because almost every printer gets stuck sometimes because it needs more A4.

The Copying machine

Similar to the copying specialist, the copying machine is perfect for every printer. This name is perfect for homes, offices, and schools.

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Music themed printer names

Stuck on you

Stuck on you is a funny music-themed name for your printer. It refers to the fact that almost every printer gets stuck on you, hence if your printer gets stuck whenever you want to print an important document this is the printer name for you.

Jamming with the homies

This is another music-themed name. Jamming with the homies refers to the time when your printer gets jammed along with your document.


Almost every printer jams from time to time hence if your printer has been jamming recently then definitely consider naming it IGotJams because your printer does get jammed a lot.

Jamming to the document

Jamming to the document is a music-themed name that refers to the fact that every printer at least once gets your printer jammed.

Jamming and crashing printer names:

Your Worst Enemy

This name is once again referring to the fact that your printer always gets stuck when you need to print something urgently hence sometimes a printer is your worst enemy


Similar to stuck on you, this name is perfect for a printer that always crashes when you need it the most.

Boss level jamming

Jamming is something that almost every printer does but we all have or had a printer that jams almost every time you want to print something and it takes a long while to fix it. Hence boss level jamming is perfect for that printer that is always jammed when you need it the most.

Grandmaster Crash

Like boss-level jamming, this name is perfect for a printer that crashes every time you need it. This name suits a printer that takes hours to fix again.

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Old printer names:


Since a printer sometimes shreds your hopes by not printing or jamming hence shredding is a name that almost suits every printer.


Dotty is a perfect name for a printer that is a bit old and leaves spots and dots on your computer.


Slipped refers to the ink slipping and ruining your prints during the printing process. Slipped is a very funny name if you are having some trouble with the ink.


We all know that moment when your printer is not working and you have to come back to fix it, hence Fix me is a perfect printer name for almost every printer.

Noisy monster

This name will suit a printer perfectly that is a bit old it works fine, but it makes a lot of noise every time you try to print something.


The name of the printer refers to the printer that is a bit too old that splatters ink all over your document and makes a lot of noise as well.

Insert Coin

Every printer needs money from time to time and maintenance needs money hence the name insert coin.


This name also refers to the fact that most printers need A4 papers to work. You can name every time of printer InsertA4.

You thought I could print

This is a perfect name for a printer that you have expectations for but it always ends up disappointing you.


TNT is a precise name for a printer that always gets too hot while printing your documents.

Time bomb

The time bomb is a very funny and interesting name for a printer that’s way too old and it needs some maintenance very soon.

Continuous headache

The printer who always causes problems and makes a lot of noises can be made continuous headache.


In this article, we talked about some of the best printer names that you name your printer. We discussed some cute printer names as well. Hence we think that printer names are very funny and a creative way to keep things lively and interesting even when you are just printing some documents.

In the End, Choose whatever makes you Happy!

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