10 Best Wide Format All-in-One Printers in 2022【Reviews】

best wide format all in one printer When your normal Printer is not just cutting through, the other option is to get a wide format printer. 

When you need to print enlarged photos, the white format printer must be your perfect opportunity.

People running engineering and design Studios must have the best wide format in one Printer that can comply with all the printing needs regardless of the size. We decided to give the top ones a try and see which ones are the best.

Things to consider when buying the printer:

Material: The printing material makes a lot of difference when you get a wide format all in One Printer. You can find out what material will they Printer be using. It can include fabric, plastic, and other material. Pick the appropriate Printer according to the printing requirement. For a super tabloid Printer, it is essential to learn about the variation of the material beforehand.

Speed: The printing speed also matters a lot. You have to get a wide format printer that is great with printing. When the Printer is fast, it can help in saving a lot of time. With the fast format printer, you can print many posters and brochures in no time. Also, when the super tabloid Printer works fast, it helps with a better pace of work.

Quality: The printing quality is vital for perfect and high-quality results for printing. If the Printer’s quality is not good enough, you might not be impressed by it, and it will also not attract people. Therefore, you must get the best large format color printer, which lies in the best large format inkjet printer for Incredible printing quality and impressive brochures.

Best Wide Format All in one Printers 2022:

Here is the list of top wide-format All-in-one printers

Wide Format Printers Rating Price
Epson Workforce WF-7720 10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
HP Officejet Pro 7720 9 Check Price
Brother inkjet printer 8.5 Check Price
Workforce wf 7710 printer 8 Check Price
 Epson Et 16500 7.5 Check Price
Brother MFC 6945 DW printer 8 Check Price
Canon Pixma IP 8720 printer 8.5 Check Price

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1. Epson Workforce WF-7720:

Why do we like this product? 

  • This workforce 7720 printer is an all-around printer.
  • It provides the maximum size for printing is 13 inches in length x 19 inches in width.
  • This workforce printer helps with both scanning and printing.

Pros Cons
✅Excellent connectivity ❌Not the best speed
✅Perfect printing size

2. HP Officejet Pro 7720:

Why do we like this product?

  • The HP Officejet 7720 printer is the fastest and most reliable printer that is wide-format.
  • This wide format printer is an all-around printer with excellent connectivity.

Pros Cons
✅Excellent all-round Printer ❌The printing size is less than other printers
✅Easy connectivity
✅Fastest printing

3. Brother inkjet printer:

Why do we like this product? 

  • The brother inkjet printer is the perfect option if you need something with a low operational cost.
  • This Printer is reliable.
  • The brother-wide format printer is fast.

Pros Cons
✅An affordable option with low operating costs ❌The size is huge 
✅Reliable with easy connectivity ❌Difficult to change the type of paper
✅Fast processing and printing 

4. Workforce wf 7710 Printers:

Why do we like this product?

  • That super Tabloid workforce 7710 is a budget-friendly option.
  • The workforce 7710 printer is an excellent printer having a printing size of 13 inches in length x 19 inches in width. Also, this 7710 workforce printer does printing as well as scanning.

Pros Cons
✅Budget-friendly option ❌Speed is not the best
✅Great printing size ❌Lacks the quality of impressive printing
✅Perfect connectivity

5. Epson Et 16500:

Why do we like this product?

  • This workforce wf-16500 printer is the amazing wide format eco tank printer
  • The Printer is excellent for reducing the operational costs
  • It offers both printing and scanning.

Pros Cons
✅Helps with low operating costs ❌Slow printing speed
✅Easy connectivity ❌Expensive
✅Great functionality

6. Brother MFC 6945 DW printer:

Why do we like this product?

  • This brother MFC printer is the best overall wide-format All-in-one printer
  • It provides premium and impressive images
  • It also offers is ink efficiency.

Pros Cons
✅Fast and reliable ❌The sheet capacity is not the best

7. Canon Pixma IP 8720 printer:

Why do we like this product?

  • This Canon printer is the best borderless Printer
  • It offers excellent flexibility and impressive printing
  • It is a highly affordable printer

Pros Cons
✅Highly efficient  ❌Not the most accurate printing results
✅Easy connectivity with the app
✅Highly functional, Affordable 


Wide Format All-in-One Printer

When you are trying to find out the great wide-format in one Printer, you must also understand the factors to consider when choosing these large format printers. After going through some of the top wide formats.

All in one Printer, you must decide which one of these large format printers is the best and the most appropriate choice. You can also choose the perfect choice based on the speed or the printing material as well. For making a well-thought decision, you must also check out the buying guide for the wide-format in One Printer.

Suppose you are looking for a recommendation for the durable wide format in One Printer. In that case, the workforce 7720 has to be the ideal choice because of the incredible printing capacity and affordability. However, if you need a printer for fast printing, then the HP Officejet is the perfect option.

Buying guide:

2 wide printer difference
2 wide printer difference

What is a wide format/ super tabloid all in One Printer?

The large-format all in One Printer is a printer with a capacity to scan a paper of size A3. The size A3 is 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches. Moreover, the maximum capacity of printing is 13 inches x 19 inches. The wide-format EcoBank printer help with borderless printing.

Usually, conventional printers can print up to A4 size paper documents, so people prefer the best large format color printer.

What to consider when buying the printer which is the wide format and all in one?

Type of ink

Add a variant that you have to choose when choosing the wide format printer is the ink type. Some of the inks are water solvent; the other things are also available. When you select a printer that uses water solvent ink, it might fade out and not look good after some time. However, it has to be your preference to choose the type of ink for your large format all in One Printer. Choose the ink of the super tabloid Printer to ensure the printing results are impressive.


The white format printer has to be compatible and functional with various devices in your office. Check before purchasing the wide format printer for its device support and compatibility with the personal computer and the smartphone. A particular application for the wide format printer will be even better.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Which is the best wide format all in One Printer?

The wide format printer has the quality of printing enlarged posters and pictures. But the best economical wide format printer is the Epson workforce wide format printer, which is economical and affordable and works great. The best overall large format is in one Printer if the Canon inkjet All-in-one printer is another best large format inkjet printer.

Which is better; Epson 7710 vs 7720?

While there is no significant difference between Epson 7710 and 7720, this 7720 is still considered a better option because it has two trays. However, both of these printers have the same features except the camp of the trays.


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