Laser & Inkjet Printers: Which one is best for you?

Difference between Laser Vs Inkjet Printers

 There are various kinds of printers these days but people specifically ask for the difference between inkjet printers and laser printers.  

 So today, we will take a gander at laser printer vs inkjet printer. Both printers are significant in their own way.  However, they have some similarities. They also have huge differences which we will discuss in this article and determine which is the best.

In this article, we have discussed the various reasons and factors to determine which printer is the best inkjet printer or laser printer when we viewed printer similarities and printer differences we discovered that both of the printers have their assets and liabilities and hence we come to the conclusion that both of the printers work great depending on the tasks you have for them.

So if you want to use the printer casually at home and if you want it for your room the inkjet printer is the best since it uses less space and doesn’t cost much and is best for printing fabric as well an inkjet printer can easily be used for printing thicker fabrics as well.

Difference between Inkjet and Laser Printer:

Let’s check out some important differences between inkjet and laser printer! Here we have some common printer differences for you:

Inkjet Printer Laser Printer
No warm-up time Quicker than inkjet printers.
print onto many sorts of paper Produce the best sharp black text
Can be refilled and reused Longevity: 6 -8 hours
Smaller, lighter, and less complicated  The lowest quantity of alcohol


What is an inkjet printer?

Canon Pixma Home Inkjet Printer Black TS3360 | Officeworks

People often ask What is an inkjet printer? As the name suggests an inkjet printer uses ink to print out your work whether it’s text and symbols, designs, drawings, or whatever you need.

 Inkjet printers are usually used at homes or for small offices. They are used to print ad campaigns and flyers in big industries as well. inkjet printers mainly use very little drops of ink on paper to present the result you want to see.

Inkjet printers are usually smaller and are easier to carry that’s why they are used in homes, schools, and small offices even though they use ink to print they can give out amazing results with vibrant colors.


Great for pictures and image-heavy documents Non-ink printer is extra costly than champagne
Printers have a low start-up cost Water-based, so prints are prone to water harm and fading.
Inkjets can print onto many sorts of paper Wastes loads of ink
No warm-up time High volumes are a task with inkjets.
Inkjet cartridges can be refilled and reused, Inkjet printers will produce gray, fuzzy textual
Inkjet printers tend to be smaller, Printers for domestic use have low-capacity paper

What is a laser printer?

What is a laser printer?

Hinted by the name a laser printer uses a laser to print and gives out a high-quality output. If we go in more detail of it the laser printer uses electrostatically charged particles to make a design on the paper.

Laser printers are generally big in size and are used more in large offices. They produce a very professional output and hence are used for professional work. They are very good at printing documents’

Laser printers are also available at a very affordable price in the market hence people prefer to use them more for businesses. Laser printers also require minimum maintenance. 

Laser printers can print quicker than inkjet printers Toner is more cost-effective in the long run
Produce the best sharp black text. Laser printers can’t take care of a range of paper
Higher organized to deal with high-volume print jobs. Home laser printers can cope with easy graphics
Price-by-price comparisons choose laser printers over inkjet printers There are some compact laser printers on the market;

Major Similarities and Differences between Laser and Inkjet Printers:

Let’s check out some important differences between inkjet and laser printer! Here we have some common printer differences for you:

Similarities between Inkjet and Laser Printer

We shall now discuss some similarities between laser printers and inkjet printers


Laser printers and inkjet printers both use cartridges which are to be replaced once in a while. Although they both require minimum maintenance the cartridges need to be changed for them to work properly.

Results and outputs

Both of the printers produce great outputs and can be used for a number of different tasks. The laser printer and the inkjet printer can print multiply things and produce good outputs though they use different methods to print the results are often good. 


We shall now discuss the reliability of the printers since both of them require minimum maintenance both the laser and the inkjet prints are considered reliable.

Major Differences between Laser and Inkjet Printers

Laser vs inkjet printer

Now we will discuss some of the major differences in laser and inkjet printers to determine which is the best laser or inkjet printer.

Printing materials 

Inkjet printers are able to print on multiple materials like different kinds of paper and fabric which means inkjet printers can easily print t-shirts and hoodies and other clothing items.

Even though laser printers can print on paper it is difficult for them to print on thicker materials like fabric.

Different usage

Inkjet printers are usually used more in houses, schools, and smaller offices than laser printers. Because they occupy less space and are easier to move.

Laser printers are used more in large industries for professional use. They work more efficiently than inkjet printers and produce more of a professional result. They are also cheaper than inkjet printers considering their output hence large industries prefer to buy laser printers.

Printing qualities

Inkjet printers are more often used to print ad campaigns like flyers, designs, and patterns this is also one of the reasons why they are mostly used in homes and schools whereas laser printers produce better results of printing documents than inkjet printers.

Difference in prices

Even though inkjet printers are cheaper in price than laser printers, laser printers are way more efficient than inkjet printers so laser printers are more economically saving than inkjet printers. 


This is also one of the differences between laser and inkjet printers that are commonly asked. Both of the printers require minimum maintenance but you will need to change the cartridges of the inkjet printer more often hence they require a bit more maintenance whereas the cartridges of the laser-printed last longer.


Inkjet printers require less space and are more convenient to carry than laser printers. An inkjet printer can be easily placed in your room without taking much space but laser printers usually require a lot of space and are harder to handle hence they are used in larger companies.

Should you use a laser or inkjet Printer?

We have discussed both the similarities and the differences between laser printer and inkjet printer we shall now discuss should you use the inkjet printer or the laser printer or which is better the inkjet printer or the laser printer.

 The answer is both of them have their pros and cons the inkjet printer is better in printing on fabric and to be used in smaller industries and in houses and schools and the laser printer is better to be used in larger offices and for more professional use.

 Hence if you want to use the printer for casual work or you want to use it for fabric printing design printing and pattern printing than you should use an inkjet printer but if you want to use the printer for professional work and you want it to be more efficient than you should definitely use the laser printer.

 Alot of other factors should also be taken under consideration when choosing a printer for example inkjet printers take up less space but inkjet printers are more efficient.

What elements to consider when selecting an inkjet vs. laser printer?

Laser printers are best for printing documents and projects hence they are more commonly used in large offices and are best for professional use they also take up alot of space so they are not best for personal use but they are much more efficient than an inkjet printer. 

If we consider everything in this article we have come to the conclusion that when you go to buy a printer consider your work before making your decision.

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