How to Connect to HP Printer: The Quick And Easy Way!

Printers are an essential tool in the modern age they are used by basically everyone. From offices to homes their uses are endless.

However, with all the different devices and ways to connect your Pc to your printer, it does get a little confusing. There are a lot of problems that can occur. Troubleshooting those problems can be a little difficult if you are not tech-savvy. 

 Whether you are trying to set-up your printer wirelessly or through any other method let us help you by walking you through the basic steps of connecting your hp printer to your PC. 

How to Connect HP Printer to Computer:

There is not one method but actually a number of methods on how to connect to hp printer. They all depend on how you want to connect to hp printer. Whether through your wifi or through a cable the exact method varies. It sometimes also depends on the types of printer, speaking of which if you’re confused about the types of printer that you should get then be sure to check out our guide on exactly that.

So let’s start by changing the device settings to automatically update your drivers. It’s a really simple process. All you have to do is search device installation settings in the taskbar and set it to update automatically.

Now let’s see how you can connect your hp printer to your pc.

How to connect a printer by a wired USB cable?

So let’s just jump straight in. To connect your hp printer to your PC you simply have to hook it up through a USB cable, Windows will automatically install the device drivers and will set it up for you.

If your printer works after this step then you’re golden and you don’t need to do anything else, so after this step do try to use your printer.

But what happens if your printer still doesn’t show up and you can’t print anything, well don’t worry just follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Open the control panel of your pc and then click on the device and printer options.
  • Now press the Add a printer option
  • Once the dialog box opens, you are going to have to select your own printer. Once this is done click Next and proceed with the instructions

It is possible that your printer doesn’t show up so what do you do then:

  • In the dialog box which has the printer options press, “the printer I want isn’t listed” 
  • A number of options will appear press the last one which is “Add a local or network printer through manual settings” 
  • Now click next and choose “use an existing port” click windows update and choose Hp in the manufacturer’s options
  • Select your printer and then proceed with the options

Connect a printer through a Wi-Fi network?

There are a few things that you are going to need before moving on with this method that is the name of your network, the password of the Wi-Fi, and also a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi as the printer.

Note: Make sure that any USB or ethernet cable is disconnected from your PC as this can create a lot of problems.


  • In the first step go to the control panel and open the printer and device settings. Now click on the setup menu and proceed with the steps shown in the dialogue box of the wireless setup wizard. Check to see if your printer is working or not
  • So if this method doesn’t work for you then no need to worry there is an alternative method that you can use to set up your printer
  • To do this open the control panel and click on the printer and device options
  • Now select the add printer option and choose your printer you want to connect with your PC
  • It is possible that your printer doesn’t show up in the menu in such a case you will manually have to set up your printer, click the add printer option, and a dialogue box will appear
  • Now click the third option which is to add a printer using TCP/IP address. now proceed onto the next steps and press the auto-detect option now type in your printers IP address now click next and hopefully, your driver will be installed

Connect the printer with your iPhone/iPad devices?

With the incorporation of Apple’s AirPrint technology in their smartphones and their MacBooks, it’s really easy to print using an IOS device. 

To do this you simply have to connect your hp printer and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network and select the document that you want to print then press the share option and choose the printer.

That’s basically all you have to do however it should be noted that the printer should also be AirPrint compliant.


Q1) How to print from my hp envy?

So once you’re done with the whole process you can simply print it by either clicking Ctrl key and P, in mac, it’s the Cmd key. So file viewing software such as adobe acrobat has specific buttons for this so you can use those too.

Q2) How to add a printer on Compaq computer?

It does not really depend on the manufacture of your pc. The installation process is actually related to the OS (meaning windows) so don’t worry no matter what computer you have you can use these simple steps to connect to your hp printer.

Q3) How do I connect my canon wireless printer?

To connect a canon printer the general steps are the exact same.  It’s all because it depends on the device you’re hooking it up with, so if it’s a windows device then you can use the same steps. Canon does have the canon print app for pc and phone users, so if you have a cannon printer then install the app as it can make the installation process a whole lot simpler.

We Hope this guide helped you to connect hp printer to PC. For more detailed guides and analysis go to

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