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Tape calculator is similar to adding machines in look but slightly differs in the functioning and uses.

Tape calculator is mainly used for accounting purposes for high speed adding, subtracting, and verifying totals. The entry is the same as an adding machine and a printer and tape that keeps the record.

The digital evolution is trying to completely eliminate paper from the office. However, in accounting, the paper is still there with different machines, and a tape calculator is one of them.

Every time there is a need to record business expenses quickly with precise results and evidence, you need a tape calculator.

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Differential from other Calculators:

Tape calculator distinguishes itself from every other calculator in terms of working and size. If we discuss how it works, we can say it simply prints the recordings and calculations on the tape. All you have to do is do mathematics, and the results will automatically be printed on tape.

The printed copies can be detached from the calculator and maintained for the record. Tape calculator works with two necessary accessories that are ink and tape. Compared with standard and scientific calculators, it performs relatively fewer functions but mostly covers finance-related functions.

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Tape Calculator Functions:

The main functions of the tape calculator include printing the date on the top corner of the paper. It will be helpful to track the data and maintain the finance books.

The calculator shows item counts in a column to check if the data being entered is recorded correctly, or just numbers are being added randomly. The primary function keys are M+, M-, recall, and clear, which helps to recall the previous calculations and clear the entire calculation with one button.

Another essential function is the tape that keeps the record of the data and helps compare the entered values side-by-side.

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Features of Tape Calculator:

Standard calculators are small pocket calculators, but these tape calculators are comparatively heavier, large in size, but stable with sturdy, non-slip feet. The calculator features high-speed typing with fewer typing errors because of its click keys and better desktop display.

There are buttons for controlling the printing process, date, and timestamps. Tape calculators are designed for accounting and finance purposes instead of educational purposes; that is why the numbers are displayed in terms of currency.

The calculators with the latest and upgraded system feature built-in accounting equations to minimize the chances of errors and easy currency conversions.

Working of Tape Calculator:

Tape calculators primarily use many printing methods to put marks on the tape, mainly the ink-roller and thermal transfer systems. The calculator provides two color varieties that include black and red color for marking positive and negative inputs accordingly. The thermal transfer system tape calculators are more preferable as they do not need ink replacement.

Stock exchange investors, brokers, business owners, and auditors seem to use these calculators for precise calculations with data saving on the tape. These calculators are not comparatively expensive and deliver finance-related functions for better results.

The outdated tape calculators use cells and batteries, but the upgraded ones use AC power. The AC power helps batteries replacements and saves money and time. You don’t have to change the cell if the battery dies suddenly while working. Moreover, the printed tape or paper can be used as a solid proof for recording entries in the future. The print quality is the same as the other regular printer, and keeping it safe for a long time will not erase the printed data.

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If we throw light on the flaws or drawbacks of tape calculators, we can find some. These calculators are mainly office limited and are not useful for educational purposes because they do not feature scientific or advanced calculation used in mathematics.

The chances are your tape calculator will run out of paper, and you will need to replace or add the paper. To add a new roll of paper, you have to remove the back cover of the calculator. After removing the cover, remove the previous roll paper’s used core as insert the new roll paper into the calculator’s arms. After setting in the roller, secure it with the cover, and you are good to use it.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Maintenance of a tape calculator is necessary if you want to last it for longer. For cleaning the ink roller and cover, and insert the new roller as described above. Use a small soft bristle brush similar to the size of a teeth brush and clean the calculator, especially the printing wheel. You can clean the printing wheel by pressing it down. After cleaning, put the ink roller and cover back to the calculator. You can use it now for an extended period.


Before buying a tape calculator online, there are few elements to keep in mind that analyze the performance. Primary factors include tape being used in the calculator is of higher quality or not. The printer installed the calculator, display of the screen, and durability.

These factors combine to give the best tape calculator for your finance-related work. Moreover, the batteries are necessary, but if you buy a thermal transfer system tape calculator, it would be better. Use a tape calculator and solve all of your accounting miseries in a better way.

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