Lexmark Mc2425adw Review in 2022 [Detailed & Unbiased]

Lexmark mc2425adw

 This Lexmark mc2425adw review will offer some significant features of this color laser printer and some significant advantages and disadvantages. 

We will also be providing you with a buying guide highlighting the factors that you must consider when purchasing the best printer from the market.

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What you need to know:

Lexmark mc2425adw Review:

Lexmark B2442dw Monochrome Singlefunction Laser Printer - Portland Printer Place

Why do we like it?

  • Offers a reliable, productive, and high-end multifunction performance paired with a small-footprint
  • Provides with a precise and outstanding color in-house
  • A 1.2GHz quad-core processor powers it.

✅Easy to place ❌Does not supports scanning of multiple documents
✅Amazing color in-house

Lexmark MC2425adw multifunctional color laser printer is one of the best multifunctional laser printers that offer you a reliable, productive, and high-end multifunction performance paired with a small-footprint and an output of 25 pages per minute. Its small footprint makes it the best laser color printer than the ones available in the market.

This best mono laser printer’s small footprint makes it easy for you to find a place for this device.

As per the Lexmark mc2425adw review, along with the printer you get a direct-print USB port, front-panel power button, 2.4″ color LCD with keypads, and secure browser-based device management.

Moreover, this laser printer is also equipped with the PANTONE calibration, embedded color sample pages, and Lexmark Color Replacement.

These all the features allow you to get a precise and unique color in-house.

The additional included tools that come with this office laser printer let you know when and how much color is needed for printing, mono-only print drivers, user-based color print permissions and quotas, global color density control, and proof before printing, object-specific color Saver, and more—a 1.2GHz quad-core processor powers this superb and high-end laser printer.

According to the multifunction printer review, this processor allows this printer to print 25 pages per minute and scan approximately 50 images per minute.

As per the Lexmark mc2425adw review, this printer comes with a long-life imaging system, ease of upgrades, robust paper feeding system, and steel frame.

All these features make this the best and durable multifunctional color laser printer in the market.

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1.  How Lexmark Work:

Laser printers are almost similar to photocopiers because they also use a high-intensity light, i.e., laser, to make or print the exact copy of the page you want to be printed. The best color laser printer is the best office printer scanner.

The only difference between a best mono laser printer and a photocopier is that an office laser printer uses the electronic data sent from the computer for arranging the texts or images that have to be printed on the paper.

As soon as the color laser multifunction printer or only a laser printer receives data from any device, the electronic circuit present in the printer gets activated and starts to decipher that data and figure out how it can be appropriately applied on the page. According to the color laser printer review, the electronic circuit sends a signal to a high-voltage wire, known as corona wire.

This wire is charged by nearby objects that have static electricity. After using the static electricity, the corona wire charges the photoreceptor drum of the printer.

The photoreceptor is charged until it gains a positive charge over its whole surface. In the meantime, the laser draws the printed content on the photoreceptor drum’s surface.

As soon as the laser hits the photoreceptor drum, it removes the positive charge and gives it’s surface a negative charge. Now the drum is covered in an accurate representation of the document to print and is made from the areas of a negative and positive charge.

Now the toner particles with a positive charge are applied to the drum and stick only to the negative charge areas. The photoreceptor drum’s regions that positively charge the powdered toner apply the image accurately to the paper. The hopper feeds the sheet of paper to the drum. This gives it a powerful positive charge using the corona wire.

Likewise, the toner particles with a negative charge get attracted to the paper’s surface where they stay as the sheet moves to the fuser. In the final stage, the toner rests lightly on the surface of the paper. With the help of pressure and heat, the rollers fuse toner to the paper and create a permanent but professional finish.

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2.   Advantages of Laser Printers:

1. Fast Printing Speed

Either you purchase a high-end laser printer or a cheap and affordable, the speed these laser printers offer is incredible. At average speed, laser printers can quickly toss out around 30 – 40 sheets per minute. This allows laser printers to handle the demands of a busy office easily.

2. Sharp

The best thing about laser printers is that they are known for their accuracy and clarity. The text documents they produce are accurate and precise. Although they cannot make full-color images, a modern and fastest laser printer is considered the best if you want to print photographs or graphics.

3. Hardwearing Tool

Unlike other printers, a laser printer will never tire or develop faults because of heavy usage. The reason is that laser printers are a long-lasting tool, and there are scarce chances that they will break down.

4. Cost-Effective

Toner cartridges are costly compared to purchasing inkjet cartridges, but they provide you with enhanced page yield. On average, a toner cartridge can deliver over 1000 sheets. This makes the laser printers cost-effective, especially for the individuals who print a lot.

3.   Disadvantages of Laser Printers:

1. Paper Variety is not Best

Inkjet printers can print on any paper while on the other hand, laser printers can print only some types of papers, such as on a standard printer paper or copier style paper. If you want to print on a thick card or a glossy photo paper, this is not possible because of the heat and pressure involved in the printing process.

2. Expensive

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers are costly. You can also purchase a laser printer at an affordable price, but they will still be expensive than some inkjet printers.

3. Not Suitable for Printing Photos

Although many upgradations have been introduced in the laser printers and have improved a lot in color production in color printing, they cannot match the inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are capable of layering and blending colors with the help of liquid ink dots. As far as laser printers are concerned, they use only a single layer of color toner.

4. Size is very bigger

Although laser printers’ size has been reduced, laser printers are comparatively larger than the inkjet printers available in the market. The reason why they have a large size is that they are home to mechanical components. The large size of laser printers will not be problematic for offices, but if you are a domestic user and have limited space, you must not go with laser printers.


Although the market is full of unique color laser printers, finding the right and best one that suits your needs is very difficult. Well, don’t worry, as we have provided you with a laser printer review of one of the best laser printers available in the market.

In this Lexmark mc2425adw review, we have provided you with some of the significant advantages and disadvantages of this Lexmark mc2425 printer. Also, we have provided you with a buying guide for you as well. If you are not willing to purchase this product, you don’t have to worry because, with the help of the buying guide provided in this Lexmark mc2425adw review, you will select another laser printer that perfectly suits your needs.


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