HP 9015 vs HP 9025 | Which is Better? [OfficeJet 2022]

Hp 9015 vs Hp 9025

Hp 9015 vs 9025 both are all in one printer. It is easily used for multiple purposes. The print resolution of Hp 9015 in the black color is 1200 x 1200 dpi and in color print, it is 145 ×147 dpi. On the other hand, the print resolution of Hp 9025 in black is 1205 x 1200 dpi and in color, it’s 4800 x 1200 dpi. The printing speed of Hp Officejet pro 9015 vs 9025 is that Hp 9015 prints 32 ppm in black and 32 ppm in color printing.

On the other hand, the printing speed of Hp 9025 in black is 39 ppm and in color 39 ppm. The monthly pages used for Hp 9015 are 25000 pages and Hp 9025 uses 30000 pages. 

In-Depth Details:

Here’s a detailed guide to the comparison of Officejet pro 9025 and 9015. HP Officejet Pro 9025 has a flatbed scanner along with ADF while Hp pro 9015 has an Automatic document feeder. In Hp 9015 vs Hp 9025, you should know that Hp 9025 has no internal memory while Hp 9015 has internal 512 MB memory. The weight of Hp 9015 is 19.7 lb / 8.94 kg while the weight of Hp 9025 is 26.4 lb / 11.97 kg.

Hp 9015 vs 9025 produces clear and visible black texts in multiple sizes. The speed of Hp 9025 text is amazing. You can print a document in 30 seconds with great quality and the graphics are very neat. It is used for printing and scanning. The standard sheet capacity is Upto 250 pages. While on the other hand Hp Officejet 9015 does fast printing and has a competitive running cost. The print quality is amazing and gives borderless printing.

HP 9015 vs HP 9025 Comparison 2022:

Features OfficeJet Pro 9025 OfficeJet Pro 9015
Price: Check Price Check Price
Dimensions 18.11″ x 13.43″ x 9.21″ 17.28″ x 13.46″ x 10.94″
Weight 18.08 pounds 24.4 pounds
Main Functions Copy, Fax, Print, Scan Copy, Fax, Print, Scan
Maximum Print Speed (Black Ink Cartridge Only) 20 pages per minute 22 pages per minute
Maximum Print Speed (Color Ink Cartridge) 10 pages per minute 18 pages per minute
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Capacity 35 sheets 35 sheets
Automatic Two-Sided Print? Yes Yes
Automatic Two-Sided Copy and Scan? No Yes
Input Capacity 225 sheets 250 sheets
Output Capacity 60 sheets 60 sheets
Display Built-in 2.65″ color touchscreen Built-in 2.65″ color touchscreen
HP Smart App Create shortcuts

Scan documents to save, email, or print

Create shortcuts

Scan documents to save, email, or print

Ink Delivery Service 4 months of free ink limited time offer (expired on 5/2/20) 4 months of free ink limited time offer (expired on 5/2/20)
Wired Networking Ethernet Ethernet
Wireless Networking Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

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Maximum Print Speed Comparison:

Recently Hp launched the office pro. So here I have Compare hp Officejet pro premier to pro 9025 so we can know how this new model is beneficial and how it can be used and what are its features.


Ink Type OfficeJet Pro 9025 OfficeJet Pro 9015
With Black ink 20 pages per minute 22 pages per minute
With Colored ink 10 pages per minute 18 pages per minute
Price: Check Price Check Price

In terms of printers, the OfficeJet Pro 9025 is among the best. If you compare Officejet pro printers or Hp 9015 vs Hp 9025 with other printers you will be clear enough to know that the Officejet pro printer is basically an inkjet printer with a speed of 15ppm.

Printing Size:

Printing Size Hp 9015 Hp 9025
Letter (8.5"x 11") Yes Yes
Legal (@5"x 14") Yes Yes
Tabloid (11°x17") No No.
A6{105mm x 148mm)
x 210mm)
x 297mm)
Photo (2"x3") No No.
Photo (4"x6") Yes Yes,
Photo (S"x7") Yes Yes.

So this printer is perfect for small-scale businesses or for those offices that have 4 to 6 employees. It works very fast and very efficiently. You can easily print or scan the stack with this printer in one go. This printer easily prints Up to 24 pages in 1 minute if using black color. In case you are pointing to a color document that you will get 20 color pages in 1 minute. On the other hand in Hp Officejet pro 9015 vs 9025 Hp Officejet pro premier is a machine that is used for multiple purposes like it is used for printing, scanning, copying, and sending the fax.

A double-sided printout is easy to produce. It can easily print 20 pages per minute if using black ink. If using color ink this printer can print 10 pages in 1 minute. Also, Hp Officejet 9015 vs Hp Officejet 9018 are both amazing printers. Both of them use auto-duplexing ADF that helps this printer be more valuable.

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Hp 9015 review 

This Hp 9015 printer is very useful for small-scale businesses. You can easily scan, copy or send faxes with it. It is a color inkjet printer which prints in black and white and in color too.

The height of this Hp 9015 is 28 cm. It can be used in offices and for homes too. Also, it can easily print 150 pages in one go. You can easily purchase Hp Officejet pro 9015 Costco. 


Pros and Cons

HP 9015:

✅2.7-inch interactive touchscreen.
❌Loud and noisy to use.
✅Fast scanning and printing speed.

❌Doesn’t support an SD card.
✅High ink yields.

✅Accurate colors.

Hp 9015 vs Hp 9025 are both very amazing. One most important difference between Hp 9015 vs 9025 printers is that Hp printer 9025 prints faster than Hp 9015. Also Hp 9025 standard input capacity is 44% greater than Hp 9015. As Hp 9025 can easily print 500 sheets at a time while on the other hand Hp 9015 prints 250 sheets in one go. Hp 9015 vs 9025 printer is a great debate as both of them are not very similar to each other depending upon their features.

HP 9025:

✅Attractive and stylish design.
❌The limited input tray is a big hindrance.
✅Seemingly impressive output quality.

✅Wireless printing and access.
✅It supports Google assistance and Alexa.


Here’s a detailed correlation between Hp 9025. Hp 9015 has inkjet print technology while Hp 9025 has thermal inkjet technology. The compatible ink cartridges of Hp 9015 is Hp 915 while the Hp 9025 have Hp 910. Hp 9015 can easily print Up to 25000 pages in a month while Hp 9025 can print 20000 prints in a month.

HP 9015 has the facility of duplex scanning while Hp 9025 doesn’t have it. Both of them don’t have a Wifi facility so cannot be connected with Wifi devices. On the other hand, if we compare Hp 9015 vs Hp 8035 both have AC adapters installed automatically. Hp 9015 supports Android, Windows, and iOS while on the other hand Hp 8035 supports Windows, macOS, and OS X. 

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The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Printer produces high-quality output at a reasonable cost per page, making it a suitable choice for small businesses with light- to medium-volume copy and print needs.

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