Epson 4010 vs 5050 | What is Better? 【Compare 2022】

The home cinema market has never been more relevant than nowadays.

Epson 4010 vs 5050

People are more inclined to watch top shows on-demand via streaming services in their houses rather than watching conventional television programs. It is where multiple brands providing top-notch home cinema entertainment experiences come in. This article will compare two of the best-selling models provided by home cinema entertainment giant Epson. So let’s start the comparison between Epson 4010 vs 5050, and hopefully, we will have a clear winner by the end. Keep reading this article because it is about to get interesting.


Epson Home Cinema 5050 and Epson home Cinema 4010 have a lot in common except for their price. Both offer 1920 x 1080 resolution, and both use the same pixel-shifting technology to deliver two sets of pixels for every frame to produce high-quality images.

Both Epson 5050 and Epson 4010 look identical except for a gold line that circles the lens of Epson 5050. Both of these projectors have similar designs and physical dimensions. The weight is 24.7 pounds, and both have slightly different heights. It is notable to mention the identical twins this both Epson home Cinema projectors have. The white Epson 4010 is a twin of the Epson pro cinema 4050 sold by Epson through Integrator Market. Like the 4050, the 6050UB with black housing is also sold on the integrator market.

Epson 4010 vs Epson 5050 Comparison:

Below is a detailed comparison between the specifications of both Epson 4010 and Epson 5050 UB.

Features Epson 5050 Epson 4010
Contrast Ratio They use continuous polarizing filters in the path of light to reduce diffusions in the light rays. There's resultant image is of high contrast and lower, Darker black level. The contrast ratio for Epson 5050 UB is 1,000,000:1. It has a 4K resolution, but it does not support ultra black technology. The contrast provides better video quality, but you have to find the right balance on your contrast ratio scale. The contrast ratio for Epson 4010 is 200,000: 1. The difference is immense when compared side by side with Epson 5050 UB.
Brightness The Epson 5050 UB supports a slightly higher rate of brightness than 4010. It has 2600 lumens which are 200lumens more than Epson 4010. However, as both of these projectors have the same color modes, this must be kept in mind that 5050 UB was slightly outperforming the 4010 in every combination setting of brightness. The 5050 UB and its similar versions offer a manual iris control and Dynamic Iris, which leads to Adjustability in brightness in every mode. Epson 4010 has 2400 lumens of brightness power. It is less when compared to Epson 5050 UB. The difference between the brightness is minimal, but It makes Epson 4010 laggir in every brightness setting compared to the high-performing 5050 UB.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) It supportsHDR and emerging HLG technology, which is a new advancement in TV broadcast networking. It only supports HDR 10 Technology.
HDR adjustments The Epson 5050 UB goes a step aheada and offers 16 steps more advanced slider. It adds up in providing the uses of fine-tuned experience of home cinema, and the adjustable button on remote control offers dividecontrol over fine-tuning the content being watched. It is an overall fantastic experience. The Epson 4010 offers four different HDR settings used to enhance the overall brightness of the image.
HDMI bandwidth It offers two 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 ports and HDCP 2.2 to copyright management required for most of the 4K content. The Epson 4010has two HDMI ports of a limited bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps bandwidth, and onlyone of themcomes with the support of HDCP 2.2. It makes it unable to play UHD content in HDR, which isunnecessary for playing high- quality video games.
LAN control It supports AMX as well as the Control4 LAN connection. The 5050UB also supports the technology. It only supports AMX and Control4 LAN connections.
Input lag At 4K, the lag was almost the same for both of these projectors, but 5050 showed 28-29 ms. The lag was almost identical at 4K at 28-29 ms.

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All the similarities between these home cinema projectors do not negate the fact that there are huge differences between them. The Epson 5050 UB is known for its higher contrast and has the edge over Epson 4010 in this regard. Epson 5050 UB is better as it portrays dark scenes in dark rooms better than Epson 4010. Here we have side by side comparison of both home cinema devices.

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Epson 5050 UB and Epson 4010 are exactly similar in performance and specifications, but the difference is minimal in favor of 5050 UB because of their superior quality. The difference between visible only in cases when dark images were being projected. Epson 5050 UB is what’s better because of its ultra black technology and superior contrast. For household use, the fundamental questions for selecting your perfect choice are price and how often you may use the projector in bright as opposed to a dim room.

The First difference is full-size image nice contrasts among the two are due to Epson’s Ultra Black innovation inside the 5050UB, which is Responsible for its hazier blacks, better Contrast ratio, the higher partition of dim objects in shadow detail, and higher differentiation and visualizations of three-dimensionality with each HDR and SDR on dark scenes. The color saturation for other bright colors trades similarly by both of these home cinema projectors.

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Terms of use and convenience Epson 5050 take the lead as it offers more control options for changes during the movie. The final verdict is that for home use and low-budget option, Epson 4010 is better, and if you can afford 5050 UB, this is an excellent option for personal use.

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