HP 65 vs 65XL | What is Better? [Comparison 2022]

Choosing between HP 65 and 65 XL should not be difficult if you know exactly what your own desired specifications are.

Although both are quite similar in many aspects, yet there are some differences which can make you choose one over the other. If you are stuck between HP 65 and 65 XL then this article is for you. When you have done the first step, i.e; determining your requirements, then you just need to analyze both of these models’ specifications to make a decision. Read on to find a detailed overview of both of these models.   

Social media platforms are the best way to know about the user’s perspective of a specific product. About HP 65 vs 65XL Reddit users describe it as being equally efficient in providing high-quality print, yet HP 65  is great for limited usage, and as the name suggests, for a larger scale usage 65 XL is more suitable.

Comparison of HP 65 and 65 XL:

HP 65 provides good print quality. While HP 65 has the added benefit of being compact and lightweight, it supports a small cartridge size. This makes it a bit expensive as new cartridges need to be bought more often. Secondly, it does not have a large tray capacity because of which it can’t be used for a longer period of time. In HP 65 120 pages can be printed in one go, HP 65 Standard Tri-Color, 100 pages can be printed in one go.

On the other hand, the print quality of 65 XL is premium, especially in color prints the sharpness and accuracy are great. The large cartridge size means it can be used for a long period of time before being replaced. The only issue with 65 XL is that 65XL does not support external storage and may stick if extra printers are added. In 65 XL 300 pages (black and tri-color both) can be printed in one go.

Let’s analyze a comparison of HP 65 and 65 XL through a chart

HP 65 Black vs HP 65XL Black Comparison:

Package Dimensions4.49” x 1.43” x 4.05″4.49” x 1.43” x 4.05″
Package WeightAround 0.11 lb.Around 0.12 lb.
Page YieldAround 120 pagesAround 300 pages
Ink Drop22 pl22 pl
Ink TypesPigmentPigment
Operating Temperature Range59°F to 90°F59°F to 90°F
Storage Temperature Range40°F to 140°F40°F to 140°F
Operating Humidity Range20% to 80% RH20% to 80% RH
Storage Humidity Range20% to 80% RH20% to 80% RH

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HP 65 Ink Cartridge Compatibility Chart

Its been 4 years that the updated versions of the following ink cartridges is being provided by HP HP 63, 65, 123, 302, 304, 652, 664, 680, and 803. These updated versions of cartridges will be compatible with even the upcoming printers which are yet to be released.

Part NumberCartridge NumberWarranty End Date
E5Z01HP 63/302 INSTANT INK2019-06-16
E5Z02HP 63/302 INSTANT INK2019-07-03
F6U61HP 63 TRI-COLOR2019-04-29
F6U62HP 63 BLACK2019-05-05
F6U63HP 63XL TRI-COLOR2019-04-29
F6U64HP 63XL BLACK2019-05-04
F6U65HP 302 TRI-COLOR2019-04-26
F6U66HP 302 BLACK2019-05-12
F6U67HP 302XL TRI-COLOR2019-05-08
F6U68HP 302XL BLACK2019-05-14
F6V16HP 123 TRI-COLOR2019-06-18
F6V17HP 123 BLACK2019-06-15
F6V18HP 123XL TRI-COLOR2019-06-12
F6V19HP 123XL BLACK2019-08-14
F6V20HP 803 TRI-COLOR2019-06-10
F6V21HP 803 BLACK2019-06-10
F6V24HP 652 TRI-COLOR2019-06-05
F6V25HP 652 BLACK2019-06-19
F6V26HP 680 TRI-COLOR2019-06-10
F6V27HP 680 BLACK2019-06-19
F6V28HP 664 TRI-COLOR2019-06-09
F6V29HP 664 BLACK2019-06-05
F6V30HP 664XL TRI-COLOR2019-06-10
F6V31HP 664XL BLACK2019-06-09
N9K01HP 65 TRI-COLOR2019-06-17
N9K02HP 65 BLACK2019-06-19
N9K03HP 65XL TRI-COLOR2019-06-17
N9K04HP 65XL BLACK2019-07-14
N9K05HP 304 TRI-COLOR2019-06-17
N9K06HP 304 BLACK2019-07-28
N9K07HP 304XL TRI-COLOR2019-06-16
N9K08HP 304XL BLACK2019-08-11
N9K09HP 65/304 INST TRI-COLOR2019-06-15
N9K10HP 65/304 INST BLACK2019-06-26

From where to Buy HP Printer Ink

For buying HP 65 or 65 XL ink Walmart is your go-to option as it is reliable and you can find genuine products each time. Whether you are buying black ink Cartridges or tri-color ones you will be able to find the original cartridges at competitive prices. The prices range from 35 $ and can touch somewhere around 200 dollars .

HP 65 ink combo is also available if you desire black ink as well as the tri-colored one (two-pack.)These will be also compatible with all HP AMP 100 series. 

Buying an HP 65 XL ink combo can also be of value to you. Online stores like CompandSave and Amazon offer great savings by selling HP 65 XL ink combo packs.

HP 65 Tri-color vs. HP 65XL Tri-color

Package Dimensions4.49” x 1.43” x 4.05″4.49” x 1.43” x 4.05″
Package WeightAround 0.12 lb.Around 0.13 lb.
Page yieldAround 100 pagesAround 300 pages
Ink Drop3.25 pl, 6.8 pl3.25 pl, 6.8 pl
Ink TypesDyeDye
Operating Temperature Range59°F to 90°F59°F to 90°F
Storage Temperature Range40°F to 140°F40°F to 140°F
Operating Humidity Range20% to 80% RH20% to 80% RH
Operating Humidity Range20% to 80% RH20% to 80% RH

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65 XL ink fit 65

As 65 XL is designed to operate on a larger scale, its cartridge capacity is also more than 65, yet it can easily be fit inside the HP 65. The difference is quite notable as 65 prints 100-200 pages while 65 XL can print up to 600 pages of paper. The difference is staggering! So overall it’s a better choice.


Normally an HP 65 can print 100 pages in one cartridge but it can max out to almost 120 pages in one cartridge.

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Are Cartridges interchangeable

Both of these printers seemingly look the same and their cartridges and one’s cartridge can also fit in the other as well. Nonetheless, it should not be practiced as it is possible that the printer won’t print with a different printer’s cartridge. 

Can I use HP 67 instead of 65?

The answer to this, as explained earlier, is also NO. the cartridge of 67 may very well fit into 65, still, the printer may give an error of printer incompatibility and refuse to print.

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