7 Best Canon Inkjet Printers For Photos & Documents of 2021

Best Canon Inkjet Printers

You will definitely believe me when I say that Canon inkjet printers are the best in the market. Canon is a brand that is known for its professional cameras, all in one printer, inkjet printers, and other equipment.

Moreover, they also manufacture a variety of amazing multimedia projectors as well. They are experts in camera and related equipment.

Like their other camera products their inkjet printer ratings are also very high among the customers because of quality and durability.

They produce affordable yet best canon inkjet printers that can be used by customers anywhere either at home or at the office. They have beautiful designs that fit right according to your needs.

Best Canon Inkjet Printers 2021

Here is the list of top Canon Inkjet Printers.

Canon TS8832010 [Editor's Choice]
Canon PIXMA G60209.5
Canon PIXMA TR45209.5
Canon Pixma iX68209
Canon Pixma TR1509
Canon Pixma MG2522 9

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1. Canon TS88320

Why we like it

  • Canon TS88320 printer can be your best choice. This inkjet printer reviews are on point because of quality and styles.
  • Most of the best canon inkjet printers use an LCOS system for operation but the Canon TS88320 is specially designed to meet your needs.
  • It has everything that a printer user wants. As it is available in a number of styles and designs you can even place it at home and it can also be a good choice for the office
  • It produces a picture with a sharp image and perfect resolution
✅It produces a resolution of 1024p by 768p.❌Sometimes the setup and installation procedure becomes a little tiresome.
✅It offers 4000 lumens of brightness
✅Available in a variety of designs and colors
✅Easy to use with no complex procedure


Why we like it:

  • Unique and durable LCOS technology is used to set this device up and is the best inkjet printer for small businesses.
  • It gives detailed sharpness and image perfection at absolute levels.
  • It has a remote monitoring control system that makes it easy to use and is convenient for users.
✅6000 lumens of high brightness❌Sometimes on and off system interferes with work.
✅Image sharpness to perfection
✅Long arc lamp
✅Best for all devices.

3. Canon PIXMA G6020

Why we like it:

  • It is an all in one device it can not only scan your documents but also can print, copy and you can connect it with your smartphone as well. It can be connected to a tablet or any computer and you can use it with full perfection.
  • It can give bordered photos as well with a range of 3.5” x 3.5” square to 8.5” x 11” size, which is exceptional and is only delivered by high-quality printers.
  • It can give you 6000 black text pages with a single ink bottle and also can deliver 7,700 color pages as well.
✅Printers can use pigment-based or dye-based ink❌It is not provided with any touch control panel so difficult to use
✅Can produce vibrant and colorful images
✅It delivers high-class performance with sharp images
✅It is the best small inkjet printer

4. Canon PIXMA TR4520

Why we like it:

  • It has an IFTT support system that uses a number of web services and other applications to help us automatically do the printing. This saves sour time and energy and we can spend this time on other useful things.
  • It has USB technology, connectivity techniques. It saves 10% ink reorders and available with Dash replenishment. It can detect whether you are low on ink or it can tell you in advance that you need to refill it.
  • There is no option of subscription fee so you can cancel your order anytime without any problem.
✅IFTT support❌Sometimes the printer becomes a little noisy
✅USB technology
✅No subscription

5. Canon Pixma iX6820

Why we like it:

  • Its resolution and sharpness are right according to the needs of users. It delivers high remarkable printing, copy, and scanning facility without any trouble.
  • It has a number of amazing features that add to its value, it has OS compatibility, AirPrint facility, and much more.
  • The best inkjet color printer has 5 individual ink bottles that give you the performance you want. It is provided with an Auto sheet feeder with 150 sheets
✅High quality❌The no-touch panel is available
✅Durable material
✅9600 x 2400 per inch of print resolution
✅Doesn't get overheated

6. Canon Pixma TR150

Why we like it

  • It works with Canon Print App and Apple AirPrint that helps it to connect from any device like computer, mobile, and tablet making it easy for you to transfer your data.
  • It is provided with an additional battery that is sold separately if you need it so that printing can be done without any interference. You can conveniently print, scan, or copy your files even when you are on move.
  • You can see the specification sheet and can find other unique and modern techniques it does. Thus it saves your time and money and you can have your work done without any problem
✅Perfect resolution of 8.5’’-11’’❌Sometimes it gets overheated.
✅Works with Canon print app and Air Print app
✅Provided with an additional battery
✅Works with modern techniques

7. Canon Pixma MG2522

Why we like it

  • This world’s best inkjet printer has a standard 500 sheet cassette, it has multiple paper handling options for your ease and for the sake of diversity.
  • Its laser printer is a very scalable device and is without any noise so it won’t bother your peaceful college environment.
  • It can easily understand adobe printer languages and can help you deal with your paper handling. It is affordable within your range so you can buy without any trouble.
✅Simple machinery for your home needs❌Some users have a complaint about the problem that it can’t be used for heavy office work
✅Classic designs, cheap models
✅Provided with optional XL ink cartridges
✅No need to refill ink again and again


If you are looking for the best canon inkjet printer that delivers superb work and is high quality, durable with affordable price. You can definitely now buy your ideal inkjet printer from any of the above printers. They all are durable, high quality, and just according to the needs of their customers. We hope that this article will help you find a printer that fits all your desires.

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