8 Best Mono Laser Printer UK & USA in 2022【Top Brands】

UK’s premium mono laser printer offers you all-in-one printing, scan, and copy at a premium price. Laser printers have gained much importance nowadays as they offer fast printing speed and a reasonable cost per page, the decent appearance of the product, and the ability to fight toner smearing. In addition, excellent but stable, mainly high-quality text printing.

Best Mono Laser Printer UK

Many brands use laser printing for archiving and records. If this is what you want, our buying tips and a list of prime all-in-one color laser printer 2022 recommended models based on our in-depth reviews can help you find the fantastic models for your home or office.

Here are few things you need to know before buying

Printing cost: Whether you use an inkjet printer frequently or leave it on for several weeks, every time you change an ink cartridge or turn on the printer, it loses a small amount of ink and can withstand the cleaning cycle. The toner in laser cartridges will not dry out and can usually last longer when not in use, and the life of toner cartridges is longer than most inkjet cartridges. At least, in theory, this should satisfy small offices that often use printers.

Paper handling capacity: It tends to increase or decrease according to the printer’s duty cycle. Buy a laser printer having sufficient capacity to add one or more additional trays And a slot to bypass a limited amount of extra paper. Finally, ensure that the paper output bin is large enough to hold the most crucial document generally printed on the device.

Best Mono Laser Printer UK 2022

Here is the list of top mono laser printers the United Kingdom.

Product Rating
HP LaserJet Pro M15w Printer 10 [Editors Choice]
Brother HL-L2310D Mono Laser Printer 8
Brother HL-1210W Printer 8
Samsung M2070W Printer 8.5
HP Neverstop Laser Printer 7.5
Pantum P3010DW Printer 7
Lexmark MC3224dwe A4 Colour Duplex Printer 7
Brother DCP-1612W Mono Laser Printer 7

Check out Best Laser Printer for Home use UK

1. HP LaserJet Pro M15w Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It has a LED control panel
  • Its standard memory is16 MB
  • Connectivity is USB 2.0 port
  • It also has built-in Wifi.
✅Wireless Print
❌Wireless may not work best.
✅Speed is 18 ppm
✅Can print 8,000 pages
✅Mobile printing capability

2. Brother HL-L2310D Mono Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It is one of the top class mono printers
  • It prints high quality at a low budget.
  • You can print many pages per cycle
  • It is effortless to use
✅Low cost
❌Not good customer service
✅High printing capacity
✅High-quality printing
✅250 sheet capacity

3. Brother HL-1210W Mono Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It is one of the ideal home printers
  • It offers quality monoprint
  • It can print 20 pages per minute
  • You can connect with your mobile and laptop with wireless features.
✅· Compact size
❌· Network setup is difficult
✅· Quality genuine supply
✅· wifi connectivity
✅· Holds many papers

4. Samsung M2070W Mono Wireless Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It offers sharper text
  • Its Print Functionality is super
  • It can print Up to 10000 pages and Up to 20ppm in A4
  • Samsung enhanced 600 MHz Cortex fast printing results
✅· Simple to use
❌· Connect to PC is not good
✅· Saves energy
✅· Wireless printing
✅· Efficient working

5. HP Neverstop Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It offers all-in-one printing.
  • You can receive high-speed printing.
  • Users can connect to HP app for modern printing
  • You can scan from the printer
✅· Good price
❌It goes offline for no reason.
✅· Good Quality
✅· Compact size
✅· Easy to use

6. Pantum P3010DW Wireless A4 Mono Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It offers high-frequency printing.
  • Pantum uses the top material for printing.
  • It has an Efficient 350 MHz processor.
  • Great for office usage
✅· Professional performance
❌· Poor engineering
✅· Eco friendly
✅· Compact size
✅· Easy to use

7. Lexmark MC3224dwe A4 Colour Duplex Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • It can Print, Copy, Scan
  • It comes with Compact Desktop Footprint
  • Leamarks printer offers Low Running Costs
  • This printer has Advanced Security Features
✅· Easy budget
❌Toners don't last long.
✅· Premium Build Quality
✅· Mobile Print Capable
✅· Sustainably Produced

8. Brother DCP-1612W Mono Laser Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • Brother UK delivers high-quality printing.
  • In addition, it has a reasonable price.
  • It has scan and copy functions
  • With wireless functions, take it anywhere.
✅· Value for money
❌Buy your own USB Printer cable.
✅· Easy to set a laser printer
✅· Best wireless printers
✅· Great photocopier


Laser printers can provide many services for companies of all sizes, from sole beginner homes to large companies. If the framework conditions are right, it is also worth considering using it at home. Take a look at the top 8 color laser printer review that we have tested. Their prices and features vary. So, buy the cheapest color laser printer to run that you need.

Buying guide

Types of printers

You can divide lasers into four main types, defined by two questions:

  • Is the printer a monochrome laser or a color laser?
  • It is just a printer or all-in-one (AIO) model that can print, scan, Fax and copy ?.

The laser model has all four combinations. The printer model is good; it displays plain text or business documents, excluding everything else.

The printer can be divided into two main types. One is inexpensive devices for home or students (usually monochrome) and larger models (monochrome and color) for home offices, small offices, or workgroups. In contrast, the integrated laser animal is more diverse. AIO lasers, but when we talk about AIO single lasers, there are inherent differences in functionality.

To a certain extent, the AIO monochromatic laser combines the economy of a monochrome laser and the convenience of easy use. However, before buying any printer, you need to know what you are doing.

USB cable value for money easy to set laser printer sleep mode good value print quality bought this printer has good printing paper wireless and printers installation.

Main qualities of laser printers

Although most new inkjet printers are all-in-ones, for laser printers, you can find a variety of monochrome and monochrome printers at the time of purchase. In addition, models with fax functions have a telephone line interface.

Be sure to check if the wifi interface is a standard interface or an opportunity you added through a module or card. All-in-one laser wifi plug-ins are usually very expensive.

Printing speed-proofing is essential.

If you print a large number of text documents, a single-function laser or laser all-in-one machine may be faster than an inkjet all-in-one machine at the same price. It is because the broad stripes on the page are essentially a mechanical and inefficient process. For small jobs that reduce the time of similar inkjet printing to a few seconds, you may not notice the difference, but as the number of prints increases, the difference will increase.

Thus, the laser can save you time waiting for the page to print when you can do other things for ordinary large jobs, including the subsequent heavy work. The best mono laser printer UK gives an estimated printing speed in p pages per minute.

Text quality

Ink nozzles eject tiny droplets of ink onto the paper. However, this has a side effect: the ink will spread. It has obvious advantages because when the computer’s algorithm and printer’s resolution are correct, it can perform complex color combinations in photo reproduction. The disadvantage is that bleeding can obscure lowercase letters. It is not exact, but inkjet text can contain artifacts, spots, and fiber breaks, especially when the font is enormous in headlines or tiny prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I always keep the laser printer turned on?

Don’t turn off the laser when not in use. The printer should have a power-saving mode to minimize power problems. However, there are advantages to keeping the printer on to use the printer at any time.

How long can the laser printer be used?

The great service life of desktop laser printers is about six years. After the warranty period, the device will continue to work for a long time.

Does the laser printer consume a lot of power?

The average power consumption of home laser printers is usually between 300 and 550 watts. For home inkjet printers, the power consumption during printing can range from 30W to 50W.

What are the disadvantages of laser printers?

The laser printer is faster, but it takes time to warm up. Although toner is cheaper in the lasting, the initial cost of laser printing is higher. In addition, toner leakage is a nightmare. Finally, laser printers cannot handle a wide variety of paper or printing media, such as inkjet printers.

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