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As an accountant or finance manager, only you can understand the need for an adding machine calculator when you have a considerable amount of data to record and want results side by side.

But first, we have to introduce adding machine calculators to general visitors who do not know much about adding machine calculators. You may have heard about old adding machines or seen anywhere on the internet that is not used anymore. Adding machine calculators are the updated version of those adding machines to calculate and record data while checking the accuracy side by side.

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More precisely, an adding machine calculator is an upgraded combination of adding machines that are used to calculate simple adding, subtracting, and totaling. A calculator that performs nearly all the mathematical equations.

So, combine them together to make an outstanding machine that can calculate the data in running while giving results and mostly used for finance, accounting, and tax purposes. The results are printed on the tape spontaneously while entering the data. You can add a maximum of 100 entries at a time, and add more, you have to reset the machines to give a fresh start.

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It is essential to know the history, to know about this machine better. The first adding machine was invented in the 1880s by William Seward Burroughs and later got a patent in 1885. It started using in the USA years ago but only for simple mathematics like adding, subtracting, multiplication, and divisions multiple times. In the start, there were many flaws in the machine, and the company faced many hurdles as well.

Still, by the passage of time, the company put serious attention to the machine and made it better. After improvements, the machine was able to do calculations several times without any discrepancy. The machine evolved and got upgraded with time. The banks kept using these machines till the 1960s before the invention of electronic calculators.

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How does adding machine work:

adding machine calculator

Generally, adding machine calculators has two main buttons that are auto button and the auto decimal button. Under the auto mode command, you can enter the numbers and decimals to add or subtract the figures, and then pressing ENTER will give you the final results.

  • Similarly, under the auto decimal command, the procedure and working are slightly different.
  • Suppose you ENTER any figure in auto decimal place and hit the ENTER key. In that case, the calculator will place a decimal after two decimals, which converts simple figures into decimals by placing a decimal after two digits.
  • In the calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, both auto buttons work the same and produce the same results but vary in decimal placements. For percentage calculations, enter the % sign, and the results will be in percentage.

Finance-Related Functions:

At the start, the adding machine was only used for mathematical operations but later, after the innovation with calculators into adding machine calculators, the relation with finance became more prominent, and it was widely being used for finance purposes.

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Before explaining the connection between finance and adding machine calculators, I have to give you some knowledge about finance operations that need calculations on a wide range.

There is a record of entries on a vast level every day for any small- or large-scale business, which further leads to record and calculate the assets, liabilities, expenses, and incomes. Moreover, there are calculations that needs to calculate the interest rate and down payments and installments in the mortgage and leasing process, etc. Moreover, in the process of budgeting, loan advancing, audit, income tax calculations, there is a need for these machines to produce results with high accuracy. This was a quick overview of finance and the need for calculations for adding machine calculators to give you an idea about its necessity in finance.


Let’s talk about the process or procedure used in adding machine calculators to produce results with accuracy. Let’s suppose you have a journal that records a massive number of entries, and you want to check the results while making a copy of it in hard form.

You have to enter the data in the adding machine, and it will produce results side by side while printing on the tape attached to it through the printer. There will be red and black signs to indicate the positive and negative figures. You will be getting results in hard form in case you need to keep data for future purposes as invoices or for audit clearance.

Some people call it adding a money calculator because of its use in finance and accounting that is obviously recorded in terms of currency rather than other units. The tape with the adding machine has various advantages, mainly including the results printed on it for better evidence in accounting and auditing equations. The adding machine calculator is also known as the 10 key calculators as it contains 10 main keys from 1 to 10 and the main functions include adding and subtracting the positive and negative numbers.

Final Thoughts:

While there is finance, there is adding machine calculator. The relation has been for an extended period. It will remain in the upcoming years with more innovations in the machines, and more benefits will be getting finance. One of the most crucial factors in finance is a record of journal or bookkeeping that needs the data to be written or printed on a hard copy to check the errors and accuracy.

This is why adding calculators has adding tape with it that imprints the entries on it. If you are looking for an adding machine calculator online, there are a few things to keep in mind, and that is it should give precise results, and the attached tape and printer must be durable so your machines can last longer. Use an adding machine calculator and make your accountant’s life easy.

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