Best Sublimation Inks For Epson 2720 【Reviewed 2022】

Best Sublimation Inks For Epson 2720Sublimation inks are a great option when we have to print our creativity & inventiveness on different products other than paper. These inks are moisture-proof and can be used to print a wide variety of products e.g, smartphone covers, buttons, polyester fabrics, sports apparel, keepsake items, and many others. Premium quality sublimation inks create lovely & vivid images. Also, the color printed through sublimation inks does not get duller, they are really popular among the people who love to express their creativity and art in the form of printed products. These days, a lot of people want to invest in sublimation printers.

After choosing the right printer, you may worry about another question. That is, what is the perfect sublimation ink? Of course, this is a real & worthy question to be considered. A lot of choices are present for the great sublimation inks for Epson.

We tested and reviewed all the sublimation inks available to see which is great and the results are below:

Things to consider before buying:

Ease of use: Before buying a sublimation ink for a sublimation printer, you must do research for its installation & usage. All the products that we have reviewed are simple to use and convenient to refill. They are well designed in a way that they fit easily in the ink inlet of the respective printers.
Compatibility with WorkForce printers: Another factor that must be checked before buying a sublimation ink is its compatibility with your printer. Always keep it in mind. Do proper research about the sublimation ink & your printer’s compatibility and then opt for it.

Best Sublimation Inks For Epson 2720 in 2022

Here is the list of top Sublimation Inks

Products Rating
Printers Jack 400ML Ink 10 [Editor's Choice]
Printers Jack Sublimation Ink 8.5
Hiipoo Ink Refilled Bottles 8
DewDeck 440ML Sublimation Ink 8
4x100ml Sublimation Refill 7
WOKOK Sublimation Ink 7.5
Hiipoo Sublimation Ink for EcoTank 7
Xcinkjet Ink 7

Things to consider before buying:

  • These inks should be fade-resistant and produce vibrant colors.
  • They should be compatible with other printers also.
  • They should be waterproof.
  • They should have a wide diversity of applications.
  • They should be easy to install & refill.

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1. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink

Why do we like it?

  • Compatible with all types of piezo-electric printers
  • Supports a high ink volume e.g, 4 x 100 ml
  • Prints smoothly because it is a 3-layered filtered ink
  • Perfect for heat transfer printing due to clogging free ink
✅Applicable to a wide variety of products. ❌Not suitable for cotton products.
✅Vibrant colors and Perfect color accuracy. ❌Not compatible with Direct sublimation printing.
✅Smooth and no clogging while printing.
✅Best for heat-transfer sublimation printing.

2. Printers Jack Sublimation Ink Refill for Epson EcoTank

Why do we like it?

  • Professional Anti-UV ink protection
  • 100% compatibility with piezoelectric printers
  • Free ICC profiles
  • Premium ink quantity 4 x 100 ml
✅Substantial & vast diversity of applications on products. ❌Clogging can occur if this ink is mixed with other sublimation inks because of a different formula.
✅Can be used with refillable ink cartridges & CISS ink system.
✅Premium quality DIY products customization.
✅Outstanding heat-transfer print quality.

3. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Refilled Bottles Inkjet Printer

Why do we like it?

  • No blockage of printer head occurs
  • Supports printing on the fabric having less than 30% cotton
  • Eco friendly and reliable quality
  • Excelled page yield e.g 3000 pages
✅Suitable for a lot of products. ❌Hiipoo sublimation paper must be used with this sublimation ink for creating better prints.
✅Perfect color precision ❌Fabrics having more than 30% cotton can not be printed through this sublimation ink.
✅Strong stability & permanence
✅Efficient heat transfer sublimation printing

4. DewDeck 440ML Sublimation Ink Refill for EcoTank

Why do we like it?

  • Perfect Fit & Spout Design
  • Anti-UV sublimation ink technology
  • ICC-Free printing & High ink volume up to 440 ml
  • Three-micron filtration technology
✅The unique spout design of refill makes refilling of the ink easier. ❌Refilling this ink might be a little tricky.
✅Anti-UV technology prevents oxidation & fading of color.
✅Long-lasting bright colors with smooth texture.
✅Exceptional results without ICC profiles.

5. 4x100ml Sublimation Refill for Epson EcoTank

Why do we like it?

  • Exclusively built for ink-jet printers with a good amount of ink volume e.g, 100 ml in each bottle
  • No color profiles are needed
  • Suitable for fabrics having less than 30% cotton
  • Easy auto-fill & auto-stop technology
✅Remarkably vivid colors. ❌Not suitable for document printing.
✅No syringes are needed for refilling.
✅Fit design of the bottle.
✅Good value for the money.

6. WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill for Ecotank

Why do we like it?

  • Prime results in Eco-tank printers
  • 100% compatibility with workforce printers
  • Clogging-free ink and brilliant colors
  • Premium page yield up to 3000 pages
✅Best for creative products ❌It is only suitable for sublimation printing and not for regular document printing.
✅Anti-UV protection mechanism ❌Fabric having more than 30% cotton cannot be used for printing.
✅3-layered micron filtration technology
✅No ICC profiles needed

7. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink for EcoTank

Why do we like it?

  • Very efficient for professional usage
  • Syringe-free refilling
  • Polyester & other fabrics with less than 30% cotton can be printed
  • Perfect for household purposes e.g ink volume is 100 ml for each color
✅ICC-free printing ❌Fabrics that have more than 30% cotton can not be printed.
✅Smooth & clogging free printing
✅The high heat-transfer printing rate
✅Marvelous quality of the results

8. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled for Epson

Why do we like it?

  • 100% compatibility with major workforce printers
  • Rich and highly saturated colors
  • Premium ink quality with 100 ml in each bottle
  • Drying resistant
✅Tight sealing so it is resistant to drying. ❌The colors may be different from expectations because of the usage of ICC profiles.
✅Smooth & clogging free printing
✅Non-toxic paints
✅Magnificent technical support


The above-listed products sum up all the premium sublimation inks for the Eco-tank printers, especially for the Epson eco tank ET-2720. All these sublimation inks have separate & distinct features that render them different from each other. These features are reliable compatibility with the workforce printers, rich colors, and premium quality prints.

Buying Guide

Since there are a lot of different sublimation inks present in the market with awesome & distinct features. So, it becomes hard to choose from them. Our buying guide will help you in deciding the premium one for you as it contains all the essential features you must consider before buying a sublimation ink. These are:

Rich colors, ICC-free technology & Anti-UV protection:

Happy & creative people love their art more when the colors of their artwork are vibrant and chirpy. So, this may be the most important factor for you to consider before buying sublimation ink. Before getting it in hand, do research about the color accuracy of different ink options and then go for it. Also, consider the Anti-UV technology for your sublimation ink because it helps in the steadfastness of the color.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use any Epson printer for Sublimation?

Most Epson printers are compatible with sublimation printing. However, you must check its compatibility before buying.

2. What is the premium sublimation printer?

Epson 2720 is one of the premium sublimation printers. You can even convert it into a sublimation printer by using Epson e720 sublimation conversion kit.

3. What is the premium sublimation ink?

The sublimation is the one that has all the ideal features like ease of use, usage of new technologies, and compatibility. However, you can see your enlisted sublimation inks before buying them. Choose the premium one for you keeping your expectations in mind.

4. How to fill Epson Ecotank with sublimation ink?

Different sublimation inks have separate refilling options. Some of them fit well and no syringes are needed. Other sublimation inks might need the usage of syringes. So, it all depends on the ink used.

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