12 Best Printers for Stickers in 2022 【Ranked】

Best Printers for StickersBusiness owners and hobbyists have this common yet compulsory practice of printing labels and stickers. For labeling their products, they use to do this practice. However, for that, you need to have a premium printer for stickers. There used to be an old practice of outsourcing labels and stickers, but now people have more awareness about using printers. People are getting the essence of printing their labels as it minimizes their expenses as well as can dictate the pace of production.

For those who want to print high-quality stickers and labels, this review will help you find the top printer that you can use for stickers. Here, you will get to know which are the important and necessary things to consider before choosing the premium printer for stickers.

Here are few things you need to know before buying

Ink: Using the right type of ink for your printer is always necessary. One should not underestimate this when it comes to ink type considering the quality and cost. It doesn’t always necessary that a specific printer using all types of inks can give the premium printing results. Some of the manufacturers say, using a specific brand of ink helps them produce high-quality amazing prints. Essentially, in case if you want a durable high-quality print, it is important to once consider the pricing of the ink before you get your hands on it.

Print media: We know, there is possible two print media type available. One is the paper and another one is the Vinyl. For using a printer at home, paper stickers are the cheapest option. While, on the other hand, if durability is something you are looking for then you should go with the vinyl stickers.

Best Printers for Stickers 2022

Here is the list of top printers for stickers.

Product Rating
Brother VC-500W 10 [Editors Choice]
Phomemo M02 8
Pink Shipping Label Printer 8
HP Sprocket Portable 2 × 3” 8.5
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer 7.5
POOOLOTECH Sticker Printer 7
Canon Pixma Pro-100 7
Brother MFC-J985DW XL Inkjet Printer 7

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1. Brother VC-500W

Why do We Like It?

  • Prints out superb quality stickers up to 17 inches long.
  • Prints at 313 dots per inch (dpi) which is faster than average printing
  • Has two modes, 0.3 inches per second (IPS) in Standard mode and 0.15 IPS in Vivid mode
  • The durable ZINK papers are water-resistant.
✅Lightweight and portable
❌Limited design choices on the app
✅Compact size
❌Splotchy solid color fields
✅Superior sticker quality
✅Use ZINK paper, Cost-effective

2. Phomemo M02 Portable pocket Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • Allows wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.
  • Pocket-friendly because of the compact size.
  • The fully charged 1000mAh battery offers a 1-week standby time.
  • Thermal printing without the use of ink.
✅Mini size, Portable
❌No scan and copy
✅Beautiful and clear prints
❌Works only with Bluetooth or the App
✅No ink required
✅Clear instructions

3. Pink Shipping Label Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • For easy setup, holds a unique USB flash disk.
  • Compact, doesn’t need much space.
  • Prints 700 sheets continuously without any delay.
  • Ability to detect size and characteristics of the label.
  • Features thermal printing (no ink required).
✅No ink required
❌No instructions
✅One-click Installation
❌Not user-friendly
✅Wireless connectivity
✅Lifetime customer support

4. HP Sprocket Portable 2 × 3”

Why do We Like It?

  • No expensive ribbon or toner replacement.
  • Customize your snaps with editing tools.
  • Comes with a micro-USB charging cable.
  • Personalized LED lights helps you check who’s printing.
  • Excellent printing speed allows 40 pages printing per minute.
✅Easy to setup
❌Dull colors
✅Reasonable price
❌Bad print quality
✅Highly reliable
✅Wireless connectivity

5. Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • Compatible with mobile devices for easy sharing.
  • Its compact size doesn’t occupy much space.
  • Easy peeling and sticky back.
  • No ink is necessary just need to refill the photo paper.
  • Prints out 3 × 5 inches images.
✅Super compact
❌Dull colors
✅Reasonable price
❌No customer supports
✅Ease of use
✅Quick charging

6. POOOLOTECH Wireless Sticker Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • Thermal print technology, no need for ink.
  • Compatible with plenty of electronic devices i.e., laptops, tablets, smartphones.
  • High-definition quality prints of 203 dpi resolution.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery of 1000mAh offers longtime working.
✅Reliable ❌Not supported for iOS.
✅Study design
❌Too pricy
✅Easy to use
✅Wireless connectivity

7. Canon Pixma Pro-100

Why do We Like It?

  • Able to print professional-quality prints up to 13 × 19 inches.
  • Large capacity of Output tray auto sheet feeder up to 150 sheets.
  • Built-in WIFI for convenience.
  • 3-Inches LED screen for easy access to printing options.
✅Unbeatable quality
❌Clogged Printhead
✅Reasonable price
❌Ink eater
✅Excellent prints
✅Customer support

8. Brother MFC-J985DW XL Inkjet Printer

Why do We Like It?

  • Having 12 Super High-yield Ink cartridges.
  • 2.7 inches touchscreen display for easy use.
  • Easily connected to lots of electronic devices.
  • 2- year limited warranty available.
✅Wireless connectivity
❌Look old-fashioned
✅Ink saver
✅Effective, Budget-friendly

Bonus Section

  • Epson WF-2750 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
  • HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (M2U75A)
  • Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer with Mobile and Tablet Printing, Black
  • HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (M2U85A)


Choosing the right printer that supports your work requirements is not easy but a big decision. Lots of thinking involve while selecting the prime one. For that purpose and providing you the ease, product reviews are written. These reviews surely provide you with all the information about different products with pros and cons, characteristics and features for your help. Before getting your hands on the right one, just go through the review article and you will never get disappointed.

But we are glad to tell you, with this guide based on top-rated and highly ranked products in the market you will now be able to decide which is the prime printer for stickers. All the mentioned reviewed products are embedded with amazing features and high performance. Ultimately, you will the prime printer for stickers depending on your printing needs.

Buying guide:

Well, no doubt the article should be more precise and concise but we can’t risk missing important points. Let’s rush to the top practice tips which help you choose the prime printers for stickers.

Inkjet or LaserJet:

Most of the buyers need a printer with more speedy printing and volume of printing. Those, who need bulk printing should go for a LaserJet printer rather than an inkjet. Because LaserJet is highly effective in this regard. LaserJet printers also offer you sharper edges of the images which is also a plus point.


For a decent quality printing sticker, a minimum of 1200ppi resolution is important.
Always keep in mind, if you are using the printer for printing at home the above resolution is applicable. But in case if it’s for professional use, always consider a high resolution.


Nobody wants their printing machine to just feed a single paper inside. If we see, the ideal printing machine for stickers can feed several pieces of paper. So, it is obvious to find such a printer which had an input paper tray, that will make the printing work even better and less time-consuming. Moreover, for more productive enterprises, there are printers available that have an automatic document feeder. They offer much more convenience than the normal ones and again save lots of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any need to buy a specific printer for stickers?

This question is frequently asked by people who don’t have a piece of complete knowledge about the printers. But in case if you are misguided on that, let me tell you, you won’t need to have a specific printer for stickers. Just a regular printer can do the job for you. But you should have guidance about not wasting the inkjet sticker paper or the ink.

Is an inkjet printer being better than a laser printer?

We cannot say the inkjet printer is prime over the laser printer. Because both have importance as well as some flaws. The inkjet printer is much cheaper but it doesn’t help when it runs out of ink so fast. While the laser printer is super expensive and refilling ink initially requires a little more money. But with the useful feature, it is capable of printing up to 5000 sheets before need to refill.

What is Vinyl printing?

This question arises mostly in people’s minds and they need to get a quick answer for that.
When it comes to vinyl printing, this is probably the most common way of printing banners and signage being used these days. Using vinyl help give an outline or a specific pattern of colors to your sign marker. A special machine occupies the vinyl and it will be cut down into your required and selected pattern.

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